If you have something to say​.​.​.​.

by Noah Kitterick and The Sons of Paupers

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If You Have Something To Say is an album that takes you by suprise. As a debut album you'd expect a safety first approach, but the band sound as though they have studied the blues grunge formbook and taken their own approach to it with gusto.
Opener 'That Same Ole' creeps in slowly and sets the tone for an album that rises and falls like a boat at sea. The band are clearly comfortable in their craft and the songwriting is inspired and certainly not forced.
'Woke Up Wrong Day', Remember Noah Kitterick' and 'Pendulum Effect' are all big bold tracks but the band show a considerable depth of technique and restraint, and rein in the attempt to rock out completely and 'lose' the songs.
'Before We Start' slows the pace again, initially, but leads perfectly into 'Make Me Smile' and the lovely 'Take Me Home'.
'I've Got A New Pain' shows the band having fun and playing as loose as they can while still holding it together.
'Making My Way' and 'A Day to Reflect' close out the album and they imprint the rise and swell that 'If You Have Something To Say' takes you on.

Not overly produced, thankfully, and an honest and earnest first attempt by a band who crafted an album rather than going through the 'recording' motions.
Hearts and influences are worn on sleeves throughout and hearts and minds will be won over by this brave, outstanding debut. More please. David O'Halloran C.C.R.


released 26 December 2012

Recorded at Cleggan Bay Studios, Connemara. Mixed and Produced by Greg Yule



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Track Name: That Same Ole'
That Same ‘Ole

We walk out
With no sleep
I’ve lost count of the times
That I’ve forgotten myself
Soft light, an empty street
Through the side door
We hide ourselves

How long can we
Go on fooling ourselves
Had I got lost along the way
Could you meet me at the end?
If we burn a candle
We burn it both ends
Walk the edge
Until we cut ourselves

The slightest touch
Put me over the edge
Worn out sleepless nights
Never come to an end
The secrets in a glance
Its in a smile, it’s in your hands
Oh! But I just don’t know
What I got myself into again

It’s the simplest things
That keeps us all here
It’s the very thing your’ running from
That’s the very thing I need
We cross that line, time and again
I’m willing to move on
But there’s so much we can’t leave


We walk out
With no sleep
How long can we keep doing this?
Then the light fades
And the night begins
Some things will change
And some will just stay the same.
Track Name: Woke up the Wrong Day
Woke up the wrong day!

Wait for the light,
Now recognise these walls
And you’re cold and tired
Like so many times before
It’s another case of
Too little too late
How some people say no?
Why do I say yes?

You punish the body
You punish the mind so
The things you do yesterday
Catch up with you down the road
Its takes an out of body experience
To make you see
All of your mistakes
Stay the course to the end
And lose sight at the last minute

If there’s a willingness to change
Can’t be anyone else to blame
And though you run a good race
If you fall at the finish,
You’d better start again
Wisdom comes with age
But it’s hard to let go of childish ways
You keep waking in the wrong place on the wrong days…..
Woke up, woke up the wrong day (rpt.)
Track Name: Remember Noah Kitterick
Remember Noah Kitterick

My faith has deserted me
I will die with a pagans smile
I want to live to see your house burn
The stench of belief burns my eyes
They say your jesus walks on water
I hear the sound of hoofs close by
Run and hide behind his alter
Good and bad alike

Remember Noah Kitterick

Oh! You poor little boys
To them your innocence is a crime
And you will shiver
‘neath your bed clothes
Whilst the devil lurks outside
See, your blood is legal tender
And, currency is their blood line
They’ll make a hell for you to live in
And then they’ll
Bury you ‘neath a sycamore

Oh! You poor little boys
I can see the tyrants mind
I’ll dig his bones up from his graveside
Clean the maggots from his eyes
And whip his dirty soul,
You shouldn’t die without a trial
We’ll give him a taste of his own shit
Your tears will run from his eyes.
Track Name: Pendulum Effect
Pendulum Effect

It’s the strangest thing
You wake up in the morning
And yet something
The light or the sound
Its not there….

I’d like to lay down in that river
And let the water flow over me
Carry me down the sea
Let the tides push and pull me
……as you’d please……

See, my arms are buried deep
Fingers bloodied to the bone
I scratch away at the sheer
Face of the familiar
Ya, you’d burden me back home
I’ll stumble back from that river
Let me find the higher ground
Where the fear of the familiar
Will not drown me for now,
See, you would just drown me (rpt.)
Ya, you would drown me
And leave me….
Track Name: Before We Start
Before we Start

If you open that door
You have to walk through it
Climb to the fall
It leaves its trace
And this seed could grow
But it would be stunted and fruitless
If its not nurtured

Now we cast our lines and
Head for the horizon
Carried by a need of change
Against the flow of regretment
And I would have asked you to stay
If you weren’t already leaving
But any tears that fall will be lost in this ocean


Before we start
Before we leave
Before we start

This vessel could float
If its carefully handled
It will lead us there
It will lead us home again
But if this vessel should falter
In turbulent waters
And it goes down
All hands will be lost

Before we start
Before we leave
Before we start
I’ll never see you again

Hide that fear(rpt)
Track Name: Make Me Smile
Make me Smile
When I awake
I will look of you
There is one thing
Keeps me from sleeping
The day through
I am aware now
There are things I shouldn’t do
To a beautiful mind
When I should suffer…

You make me smile
Oh you make me smile
Ya you, make me smile

If you should sleep
I will watch over you
If there is regret
I will make up for the things I do
There was a time
When I trusted myself
With these lives
I am not worthy of


It’s easy I fall
So easy I walk away
I’ll take your hand
Help save me from these ways
There will be no doubt
No questions will be raised
Cause, I am in debt
For this smile upon my face

Track Name: Take Me Home
Take me home
When we come around
Same time same place
You’d better be ready darling
To clean up a mess
Well, we aint the fighting type
But we don’t mess around,
We do ourselves damage
By the bottle, by the line

Now we like our women curvy
We like our liquor strong,
And you won’t see me complaining, the two go hand in hand.
See me up at about midnight,
Coming on strong
By two thirty I’m falling,
Not a leg to stand on
Take me home (rpt)

Whiskey in the jar verse
Some men like fishing
And some men like fighting
Me I like sleeping,
Especially with my molly
But the devil take that woman
She sure fooled me, here I am in prison, theres my ball and chain
Track Name: I've got a new Pain
I’ve got a new Pain

I’ve got a new pain
Memories of who I am
Still holding on to something
I no longer have
Acorns stashed away
Saving up for that rainy day
I forgot what I was
Looking for in the end.
Summers come and gone
But I keep hanging on
The more you struggle
The longer winter lasts, oh ya
I’ve got a new pain
Its somewhere between my
Heart and brain…oh well

These days all feel the same
They fade into some shade of grey
If its spring, summer, or autumn
I can’t tell
Sit in my old chair
Breathe the same old air
The things I take
They just don’t seem to help
I’m worked to the bone
And, I got to break my back
Just a little more,
Some things round here
Just don’t ever change
Ya, I got a new pain
These shoulders just cant
Take the strain…oh well

Well, I’m gonna build my home
Inch by inch, row by row
Gonna lock the door and
Throw away the key
So long to all of you
I’m starting something new
Been down that road
I’ve done it all before.
There’s been a mountain in my way
Pick and shovel, had to dig my way
I’m out that gap
Aint coming back no more
I’m gonna cure this pain
Wanna feel some sunshine on my face……..oh ya
Track Name: A Day to Reflect
A Day to Reflect

Need to take a little time
Find the good things in my life
It’s the grindstone everyday
Never seem to be getting anywhere
I remember sunny days
I’d pick wild flowers
Along the roadsides
Bring them home to my girlfriend
We’d sit around
Watch the sun set

Oh, Need to find the good
Things in my life
Oh, need a little ray of light

Its hard to rise up every day
I see myself walk out the doorway
Down a worn out trodden on path
One foot in the future
One foot in the past
If there’s lessons to be learned
You’ll heed the
voices over your shoulder
and this battle has just begun
who I’ve become and
where I’ve come from

Need to start looking
at things in a different light

Oh, please scatter me to the winds
So from those ashes I might rise again
To each corner of the land
Somewhere on the road
I might find out who I am
There ain’t no mystery to be solved
Enjoy the things you have
Worked so hard for
And stop wishing your life away
It won’t be long
before your old and grey….
Track Name: Making My Way
Making my way

I’m making my way
Through these hills
There are no roads that,
Could take me to where I want to be
On my way I’ve met a man
The world at his fingertips
But he didn’t know what to do with it.
So in a way, I’m better off,
Being nobody
And if that amounts to nothing
Well, it still amounts to me

You pick up a few pieces
And you leave a few off
But the memories remain
Like James, man I wish
You were still here
It’s only now that we can
Laugh and reminisce
Those crazy days
You know,
You’re still a big part of it.

There is cause and effect
And for every action,
There is a lesson to be learned.
Though it’s not always the case
And time and time again
You will fall onto your face
There are roads to be followed
And paths to be led
But each one must end
Only by keeping off the trail
You might find your true self,